Friday, 21 June 2013

a seed of an idea....


I've been baking this third baby for awhile now....a small online boutique of kids clothes heavily influenced by French simplicity and vintage English detail. It came from wanting to work on something with my sister, Nikki,(we have always thrived most when we are working on projects together) and also to develop something that I would find useful myself: simple, stylish, good quality clothing that let kids 'run, jump and climb trees'.....

Nikki and I grew up in a small town in South Africa, our mother is a brilliant seamstress and we loved designing our own outfits (there wasn't much variety in our local shops) which she would then sew up for us. i have always loved the process of sketching a design, selecting fabric, watching that fabric be folded and cut and then going through the various fittings until you have a finished piece. this love of creating our own designs hasn't faded over the years and when Nikki moved to Hong Kong we had the perfect environment to continue creating bespoke pieces with access to amazing fabric, trimmings and wonderful seamstresses.

In 2010, I had my first daughter and wanted to dress her in a simple style mostly found in French designs. i found beautiful pieces but couldn't afford to full her closet with these labels. pregnant with my second daughter, I decided that I wanted to create a small label of kids clothes that focuses heavily on simple styles and natural fabrics. Working with Nikki, who has access to amazing raw materials, we developed the first range using our trusted seamstress in China.

Since then, we have decided to move production to the UK and I am working with small manufacturing workshops in London to create the range. I am excited to work with teams of people where I can see each piece being made in front of me. I strongly believe that you should work with people you like, who are passionate about what they do, and from this you can create a company with soul.

We are excited about the future of une belle époque.  My daughters wear the range themselves and therefore, i get to test them first hand. Our aim is to create quality clothes that allow kids to move freely and still be stylish. 

I will regulary post news here about what we are up, features about kids who wear our clothes as well as activities and products that we, please pop back and let me know what you think of ubé (une belle époque)



  1. Hey Dee, are you doing another blog now? Our blog slowed down a lot too, but I just thought of you and wondered what you're up to these days. Hope all's well with you and your family x